When you discover you are unexpectedly pregnant, it is normal to feel like too many things are changing at once. When change happens, especially big change, we need to take our time to think through our options. Our helpline is here to talk through your options with you, one step at a time, to get you the support you need to handle this new change. Call us or text us at 301-637-3223 to get started.

What is an Abortion?

Abortion is the loss of a human fetus, for any reason, before it is able to survive outside the womb. Abortions can be spontaneous, often called a miscarriage, or deliberate.

Are you pregnant?

You will need to verify that you are actually pregnant before deciding how to go forward. We can help you find free, accurate, laboratory-quality pregnancy tests and ultrasounds from our trusted partners to confirm that you are pregnant.

What are the Risks of Abortion?

Abortions, whether deliberate or spontaneous, can carry risk to the woman. If you believe you may have experienced a spontaneous abortion or are considering a deliberate abortion, you deserve to know all the facts so you can make an educated decision about the risks.

Risks can include:

  • Bleeding
  • Cramping
  • Damage to the uterus or cervix
  • Infections
  • Infertility
  • Increased risk for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

These are only a handful of possible risks, and there may be unique risks for you.

How Can the Gabriel Network Help Me?

You don’t need to go through this alone. At Gabriel Network, we are committed to providing long-term support and getting you connected with the resources you need. We are ready to walk alongside you. Please text or call us at 301-637-3223, and we will walk with you.