Frequently Asked Questions

I am pregnant and would like some support. Where do I start?

The first step is to call/text our Helpline directly at 301-637-3223. We will respond as soon as we can, and we will do our best to find a program that is right for you.

How do I get help with baby items?

We connect you with material items through matches with our partnering churches.  Those “Angel Friends” can help with baby clothes, diapers, and wipes and sometimes larger items like Pack ‘N’ Plays, strollers, and infant car seats.  Residents in our maternity homes have the opportunity to earn baby items through the home’s programs.

Does Gabriel Network offer housing?

Gabriel Network offers a maternity housing program for pregnant women (ages 18+) and their newborn babies. To get more information, please call or text our Helpline at 301-637-3223.

How could the maternity home program help me succeed?

The Maternity Home Program is set up to support you and to help you thrive. We offer individual and group case management, assistance with setting up social services, group devotional time, and classes offered by Gabriel Network staff and trusted partners. Class topics may include Parenting, Personal Finance, Conflict and Stress Management, and similar topics. Case management provides time and resources to help you prepare for your future. If a woman is invited into our Maternity Home Program, she will be expected to participate in all programming components offered.

What if I would like something to help me cope with the stress of pregnancy and life changes?

Our Angel Friend Teams are here for you! Angel Friends are trained volunteers from local churches who help you to meet this new challenge one day at a time. Angel Friends listen to your needs and support you as you work towards them. Call today to see if this program can help you on your journey.

Is Gabriel Network a Medical Clinic?

No, Gabriel Network focuses on providing long-term support to women through our partnering churches and maternity homes and does not provide medical services (ie. ultrasounds & prenatal care).