Our Angel Friend Program is made up of trained volunteer teams from throughout Maryland and DC that support Gabriel Network clients through the transitions and challenges that come with a crisis pregnancy.

What are Angel Friend Teams?

Angel Friend Teams are trained volunteers who accompany Gabriel Network clients through pregnancy and beyond by providing maternity and baby items, locating referrals and resources, and, in some cases, transportation to doctor’s appointments or babysitting. Angel Friends throw baby showers, help moms celebrate the joys of motherhood, provide a comforting presence in moments of stress, support families in achieving their goals, and assist moms in pursuing their interests (including career paths, hobbies, faith – when applicable, etc.). 

How to Enroll in our Angel Friend Program

There is an Angel Friend ready to support your dreams and celebrate your journey to motherhood. You are not alone. Please call our Helpline at 800-ANGEL-OK ext. 1 or 301-637-3223 (Monday-Friday, 10am -3pm). A Helpline Intake is the first step to enrolling in our Angel Friend Program.

Our Teams are ready to help all across the region.