Our Angel Friend Teams are here for you! Angel Friend Teams are trained volunteers from local churches who accompany you through pregnancy and beyond. Angel Friends and their churches can help with the Practical, Emotional, and Spiritual Support you need to thrive. Clients of any age are eligible for the Angel Friend Program, so call today!

What are Angel Friend Teams?

Angel Friend Teams are church volunteers who accompany women just like you to thrive through pregnancy and beyond. They bring the love of their whole church to bear to help you and your family grow.

How to Enroll in our Angel Friend Program

You are not alone! There is an Angel Friend ready to support your dreams and celebrate your journey to motherhood. To get started, just call or text our Helpline at 301-637-3223 (Monday-Friday, 10am -3pm). Our Helpline will connect you with an Angel Friend Team as soon as possible.

Angel Friends may offer support in the following ways:

Practical Support

  • Possible help with baby items, such as diapers, wipes, clothes, etc.

Emotional Support

  • Regular check-ins to see how you’re doing
  • Community support with love and acceptance who values you for who you are

Spiritual Support

  • Daily prayers for you and your family
  • Possible bible and invitation to church, bible studies, or events
  • Deeper understanding of your and your baby’s value in God’s eyes

Where is the Closest Angel Friend Team?