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Getting involved is easy and the rewards are many!  We have three ways to get involved.  Just scroll down through the page to learn more about each one.

To get involved as a volunteer in any of the areas below, simply fill out a Volunteer Interest Form, email (, or call 800.264.3565 ex. 306 today!  Fill out the Prayer Team Form to join our team of Prayer Warriors! 

  • direct service - Angel friend teams

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  • direct service - helpline

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Upcoming angel friend team trainings and outreach events

  • august 14, 2019 - ANGEL FRIEND TRAINING - holy family

    Come join the Angel Friend Training at 7pm at Holy Family Church - 826 Central Ave, Davidsonville, MD 21035

  • June 27, 2019 - Angel Friend Training - Gabriel Network office

    Come join the Angel Friend Training at 1:00pm at the Gabriel Network office - 2137 Defense Highway, Suite 10B, Crofton, MD 21114.

  • June 5, 2019 - Angel friend training - st. mary of the mills

    Come join the Angel Friend Training at 7pm at the St. Mary of the Mills Keesler Parish Center - 800 Main St, Laurel, MD 20707

  • May 29, 2019 - angel friend training - our lady of perpetual help

    Come join the Angel Friend Training at 7pm at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Ellicott City - 4795 Ilchester Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21043

What do angel friend teams do?

Angel Friend Teams provide loving, personal service to pregnant mothers who need help.  This can take many forms, but generally falls within practical, emotional, or spiritual support.  The major work of Angel Friend Teams is to:

  • Listen.  One of the most important jobs of an Angel Friend is to listen to the mother and hear her struggles and fears.  Most of the women we serve do not have anyone in their life that will simply hear and value them.  
  • Gather and distribute donated materials for mom and babies, such as diapers, wipes, clothes, car seats, portable cribs, formula, and other things.  
  • Marshall the resources of their church to help mothers with specific needs.  Angel Friend Teams know that they can't do it alone!  Becoming a Gabriel Network church is a commitment by the whole church to help, and they are just the front line.  Members of a church who are not part of the team can and will help if they can be connected to the mother.  Other church groups often team up with the Angel Friend Team to help with certain needs or projects.  This can take many forms, but some examples are: professional services (legal, dental, medical, psychological), babysitting, lay counseling or mentoring, tutoring, transportation, financial literacy, parenting skills, housing, small group support, job training, resume assistance, and job search assistance.
  • Pray for the moms and be willing to share your story when asked. Gabriel Network is a Christian ministry that serves any one, regardless of race, age, religion, or denomination.  Our Teams practice the quiet witness of living their faith through their works (James 2:14-26), and are ready to share their personal experience with the Lord if the mother they serve is open to that conversation. 

how do angel friend teams work?

Our Angel Friend Teams are the core of our ministry. The vast majority of the women and children we serve and served by Angel Friend Teams.  

An Angel Friend Team is a team of 6 or more volunteers at a church who are led by a Coordinator. An active Team is trained and ready to be matched to a pregnant mother who calls our Helpline looking for practical, emotional, and spiritual support surrounding her pregnancy. The job of the Angel Friends is to marshal the support of the whole parish to embrace each pregnant mother in Christ’s love and the care of His people.  

An Angel Friend Team has three layers:

  1. Angel Friends – led by a Coordinator, an Angel Friend Team meets and works directly with pregnant mothers in need to help them through the pregnancy. 
  2. Support Team – These volunteers support the Angel Friends by gathering material donations or providing knowledge or expertise such as counseling or social work experience to make the Angel Friends more effective.   
  3. The Parish – Every parish contains generous individuals with skills and resources that may be needed in particular circumstances but do not need to be a regular part of the Team. Teams need effective ways to communicate larger needs to the whole parish. 

The three layers of our Teams work together to ensure that no Angel Friend is alone or afraid when doing this difficult and rewarding work.

  • angel friend churches

    An Angel Friend Church is the highest form of participation in our ministry's Network of care.  Active Angel Friend Churches have each of the following:

    1. Pastor Buy-in and Blessing. The pastor agrees to support a Gabriel Network group in his or her church and to be listed as a Gabriel Network Angel Friend Church.

    2. An engaged Angel Friend Team serving moms directly through the church, via group of trained/screened church volunteers led by a church-coordinator. These are grassroots teams of volunteers from a particular church that commit to serving pregnant women in need with material, emotional, and spiritual support. 

    3. Provide financial assistance to the broader Gabriel Network ministry beyond the church (poor box, collection, a creative fundraiser, etc.).

    4. A Gabriel Network sign on the church property to show local mothers that the church is ready to serve them, as well as other promotion of Gabriel Network through banners, church bulletins, or websites.

    5. Commitment to develop relationships with a local Pregnancy Center or other agencies or pro-life groups.

  • supporting churches

    Supporting Churches are our second level of ministry involvement.  Supporting Churches have or agree to:

    1. Pastor Buy-in and Blessing. The pastor agrees to support Gabriel Network in his or her church and to be listed as a Gabriel Network Supporting Church, 

    2. Promote Gabriel Network to the broader community, and either

    3. Send volunteers to the Gabriel Network homes, office or events, or 

    4. Provide financial assistance to the broader ministry beyond the church (poor box, collections, a creative fundraiser, etc.).

direct service - helpline volunteer

Our helpline (1-800-ANGEL-OK) is staffed by volunteers in our Crofton office and is the starting point for accessing nearly all our services. In 2015 we served 1500 calls. In 2016 that increased to over 1800 calls.  We are always looking for willing and eager individuals to serve as the first voice of knowledge and compassion that women hear when they call us for help.   

serve the servants - office volunteer

Supporting our staff and volunteers who work directly with those in need is a big job, and we need your help to do it!  Come and join our energetic and focused office team and help us get the job done!  There are many jobs to do.  Let us know you're interested with the form at the top of the page and we'll get in touch to discuss how best to match your skills with our needs.

support our supporters - development volunteers

There are many creative ways to get involved in our development efforts, and we need your help!  Call or email us today (800.264.3565 or to get involved!

  • become a friend of Gabriel Network!

    Join our events committees to plan and host our primary fundraising events, including the Gala, golf tournament, and 5K.  Many hands make light work, and the work of this committee will free our staff to focus even more time on the mothers we serve.  See more information on our events here!

  • Baby Bottle Campaigns

    One of the most successful ongoing campaigns in the pro-life movement, baby bottle campaigns can be a great way to raise money to support mothers and children in need.  These are great for schools, churches, youth groups, retirement communities, or other groups.  

  • Do your own fundraiser!

    We have been blessed by many wonderful individuals and groups that have taken on the initiative to do their own fundraiser to help our moms, including Olivia and Juliette.  Watch their videos below, and see how you can get involved!

    Portraits by Olivia

    Five year old Olivia hand-painted portraits to help babies! She raised money by drawing portraits of friends and family, and donated $285 to Gabriel Network! God bless you Olivia! Many thanks to Olivia's wonderful mother Michelle, and to Ryan and Kate Geldermann for the awesome video work. Check them out at

    Posted by Gabriel Network on Tuesday, April 14, 2015