Have you been feeling nervous, restless, or stressed? Many expectant moms are experiencing anxiety at some level, given this epidemic and time we are living in. Gabriel Network hopes to offer ideas of how to navigate through this season and to remind you that you are not alone!

Joni Seith, a seasoned spiritual mentor, recorded a podcast specifically for expectant mothers and she shares advice on managing anxiety and tips for maintaining emotional health during the pandemic. Joni recently received her masters in psychology from Divine Mercy University. She is a spiritual mentor and was the host of “Lift High the Cross”, a former radio show. She is a wife, mother, and “mimi” to her grandchildren.

Grab some coffee, find a quiet spot to rest, and take comfort in the following message!

Managing Anxiety During an Epidemic ft. Joni Seith

“You’ll not only get through this, but you’ll actually find that you can thrive during this time

As Joni mentions in her talk, taking time to thoughtfully reflect, breathe, and talk to our Lord are active ways to manage anxiety. Below are a few exercises we suggest. Find what fits best for you and make it a daily habit!