Gabriel Network: How do you feel about serving on the board?

Stephanie Padgham: I enjoy being on the board. I help the board envision the main promise of Gabriel Network: our Angel Friends program. Angel Friends make us stand out from any other ministry. I see how the Angel Friends ministry works in tandem with the housing ministry and other activities. It is how we change lives. When you have true friendship with someone, that is when change happens. It is because you feel loved: when you know you are loved, then you feel safe enough to try changing your life. So we serve these moms not as an authority over them but as a friend with them. It is how we share Christ, so that these mothers see Christ in real life.

GN: How did you join Gabriel Network?

SP: Probably in 2000, just after I came into the Catholic Church. I quickly became involved in pro-Life ministry. I attended St. Augustine Church in Washington, DC. There, I volunteered as a parish coordinator for Gabriel Network. We assisted the mothers in our community. In just a few months, we had partnered volunteers with 17 different moms and 18 or 19 newborn babies—one or two mothers were carrying twins. I helped Gabriel Network by getting our name in the church bulletin, organizing “volunteer nights,” inviting Jim Sharbaugh [a Gabriel Network founder] to visit, mounting Gabriel Network signage, etc.

GN: How did you go from being a parish coordinator to serving on the Board of Directors?

SP: I was a parish coordinator for two years, then I stopped after I had my own daughter. However, I also couldn’t find daycare. There were wait lists all over DC. So I had to resign from my job. But Paul Mulligan, the Gabriel Network executive director at the time, invited me to join the Gabriel Network staff, instead. I moved my family to Bowie, MD, and helped. I served on the full-time staff for about a year. Then, I stayed on as an after-hours coordinator managing the Help Line, 1-800 ANGEL OK. For a couple years, I answered late-night phone calls, coordinated and delivered material assistance, and so on. Finally, in 2013, Jim Sharbaugh approached me about becoming a board member. So, having volunteered and staffed each of the programs—Angel Friends, Maternity Homes, and the Help Line—I have seen all the views of Gabriel Network.

GN: What would you say to people who aren’t yet involved?

SP: Consider helping a mother out. Consider trying to provide for and help out a child. What we all need is a helping hand. We’ve all had situations that could have gone very bad for us. Contribute to Gabriel Network so you can be Christ to somebody else. Remember that nobody wants abortion. They choose it because they feel they have no other choice. You can give them another choice.

GN: Why do you care about pro-Life issues in the first place?

SP: I’m the type of person who, if I am going to do something, I am going to go 100 percent—all the way. So, when I became a Catholic, I was going to learn what the Catholic church teaches. I joined a young adult group. We talked about the church’s approach to human sexuality, to life, and it just clicked: it made sense to me. I learned why the church believes what it does and I learned how its beliefs are for our own good. And I learned that the church plays a motherly role in our lives: she understands our humanity and provides us with wisdom to avoid pitfalls, but when we do fall down and hurt ourselves, the church provides the band-aids for us to heal.

walk with Gabriel!

Watch this video to learn about the real struggles that the mothers we serve must overcome to bring their child into the world.  Will you help us to be there for them?

Portraits by Olivia

Five year old Olivia hand-painted portraits to help babies! She raised money by drawing portraits of friends and family, and donated $285 to Gabriel Network! God bless you Olivia! May thanks to Olivia's wonderful mother Michelle, and to Ryan and Kate Geldermann for the awesome video work. Check them out at to join Olivia and help her help babies!

Posted by Gabriel Network on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Five year old Olivia hand-painted portraits to help babies! She raised money by drawing portraits of friends and family, and donated $285 to Gabriel Network! God bless you Olivia!

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

Our youngest-ever volunteer came in to give our moms an early Christmas gift - a check from her very own Christmas card fundraiser! 3 year old Juliette's hand-made Christmas cards brought in $60 for our moms, and we are so thankful! 

Yvette and micaela

"I want to say thank you to all the people who have helped me while I was pregnant...I'd also like to thank all the donors who have given without ever meeting any of us. It has made such a huge impact on me as a woman and as a mother.


          I used to believe that people like you didn't exist, but everyone at Gabriel Network has shown me differently. I shudder to think where I would be today if it wasn't for all the donors, volunteers and the staff at Gabriel Network.


          I don't even know if I'd have my baby today, so from the bottom of my heart, I want to say THANK YOU." 


Yvette, a former client (pictured here with her daughter, Micaela).

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  • Housing Application Window Open!

    An Application Window is currently open for a room in our Maternity Homes.  To receive an application, please call 800-ANGEL-OK (800-264-3565) ex. 1 or click here to download.  

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something

There are many opportunities to get involved at Gabriel Network - too many to list!  This page explains many of the ways you can help, but there is always more.  If you would like to help in a way that is not listed here, please call us at 800-264-3565 or email us at and we can talk about it!  

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We take seriously our responsibility to use the resources entrusted to us wisely.  We have been serving for over twenty years and are still improving today.  Below are just a few of the numbers that demonstrate the work we do every day to serve the most vulnerable.  We are proud of the many women, children, volunteers, and staff members whose stories are represented here - each one of which is precious to us and to the Lord.   

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fy2016 Budgeted Revenue - Total $497,000

  • housing application window open Until June 9th!

    We are currently accepting applications for spaces in our Maternity Homes. Applications from eligible pregnant mothers must be received by midnight on Thursday, June 9th for this application window. To receive an application, please call 800-ANGEL-OK (800-264-3565).

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The 18th Annual Dave Grabowski Pro-Life Classic will be held on June 17th, 2016 at Bowie Golf and Country Club beginning at 8:30 AM.  

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Thank you to all our friends who celebrated with us at our 10th Annual Gala!  Your partnership is so important to continuing to grow our ministry to impact even more lives.  

God bless you!